This site has one purpose: to educate the public about cyber bullying and tradtional bullying and to offer support and proven solutions that assist in eliminating bullying in schools and our communities

To that end, we offer resources, — both free and for purchase — that can be used in schools, in private and public organizations, and by individuals to work on reducing bullying and promoting safe, respectful, and compassionate behavior.

Corinne Gregory is the President and Founder of SocialSmarts®, a nationally-recognized program for developing strong social skills, positive character and values in children and adults. Schools that have implemented the SocialSmarts program have seen virtual elimination of bullying as well as other anti-social behaviors, improvements in morale and school culture, and up to double-digit increases in academic test scores. She is dedicated to making sure all students, teachers and staff have a learning environment that is safe, secure and productive.

If you have a question for Corinne about a bullying situation, programs, solutions or research, please email her directly at corinne (at) corinnegregory.com.  Your information will be handled with the utmost confidentiality.


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