Bullying — whether traditional or cyber bullying — is a terrible problem.  While it’s important to understand the problem and why it occurs, you need more than just education — you need solutions.

And that’s where we can help. Bullying and  cyber bullying are complex issues — there isn’t just ONE solution or a magic bullet that will make it all go away. Further, tackling cyber bullying takes more than just applying a technology policy or implementing nifty new tools.

Solving bullying requires a comprehensive plan that addresses all aspects of the problem including awareness and education, establishing expectations for conduct, setting consequences for violations…and several other steps.

Whether you are looking for a book or other informational products, need a speaker, a consultant or coach to come on-site to assess your current situation and advise you, or a full-scale prevention program involving pro-social skills, we’re pleased to be able to share these with you.



 Christoper Burgess…

…is the Chief Security Officer and President Public Sector for Atigeo, LLC. He previously served as the senior security advisor to the chief security officer of Cisco, as well as a senior national security executive for more than 30 years. Christopher addresses threats to intellectual property, online safety and security, security aspects of social media, security strategy, security education and awareness and prevention of industrial espionage. You can follow him on his blog BurgessCT.

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 Corinne Gregory…

speaker for bullying, bullying consultant, bullying expert…is an author, award-winning educator, and President and Founder of SocialSmarts a schools-based program that has been proven effective in eliminating bullying in schools. Her experience and message about the power of social skills and positive character  have been featured on such leading media as The Today Show, CNN, Good Morning America, Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Washington Post and many more.

Corinne is equally comfortable speaking to educators and school administrators as she is working with students and parents.

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Consulting & Coaching

We realize you may not be the expert in the area of solving bullying. That’s where we can offer our expertise and experience.  We are able to provide you any level of direct assistance including

  • Assessments — What is your current situation, what have you already implemented or where do you need additional assistance?
  • Consulting — We help you develop a plan for addressing the challenges in your school, taking into account what efforts you’ve already made and any possible investments in solutions or programs
  • One-on-One Coaching — We can work with specific members of your team or administration at any point in your bullying elimination process to provide input, suggest alteratives and propose solutions.

Any and all of these tasks can be done on-site at your location, or remotely via phone or video conference calls, online demos and meetings or webinars.  Contact us for more information and details.

Books and Other Resources

Bullying Solutions ebookFREE FROM BULLIES E-BOOK

This e-book has been written for the parents and children who are victims of bullying. It contains what you need to know to identify and combat bullying, including what to say to the teachers and the school principal. The solutions are simple, practical and are presented in an easy to follow step-by-step format.
We do not pretend that combating bullying is simple but we sincerely believe that if you follow the steps in our book you can teach your child to take control and deal with bullies effectively.

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Bullying in schools solution ebookA Practical Guide For Stopping Bullying Today, And Making Sure There Is No Lasting Damage To Your Child’s Future…

If you’re worried or aware that your child is being bullied, tormented, abused or otherwise threatened, and you don’t know the best plan of action, then this letter will be very important to you.

This ebook shows you how to prevent and stop all forms of bullying that your child is experiencing, so that they can grow up with confidence, self esteem, and without their school life being affected.

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School Curriculum & Materials

SocialSmarts® is a fully integrated social skills, character development and values program for schools. SocialSmarts increases test scores, eliminates bullying, and builds optimal learning environments for teachers, students, staff, and families. Because of the seriousness of the bullying epidemic in our schools, SocialSmarts has committed to donating its proven program to up to 1,000 schools across the country. For more information on the donation program, contact SocialSmarts directly with “Donation Program Request” in the subject line.